Comensha ENG

A design with a signal function Municipal employees can pick up on signals of human trafficking even if it is not part of their job. Human trafficking is not a faraway dream, but it happens in the Netherlands. To bring this message loud and clear to the attention, we chose a design in black, white […]

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Superuse ENG

Self-contained corporate identity for a circular architecture firm Zeppa developed an identity that accurately reflected the circular nature of the organization. By using a clear style guide, a limited number of logos, graphics and smart templates, Zeppa ensured that Superuse could apply its corporate identity independently to all assets. Blue economy The blue economy is […]

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Zelfstandige huisstijl voor een circulair architectenbureau Zeppa ontwikkelde een identiteit die het circulaire karakter van de organisatie goed weergaf. Door gebruik te maken van een heldere styleguide, een beperkt aantal logo’s, grafische elementen en slimme templates zorgde Zeppa ervoor dat Superuse haar huisstijl zelfstandig kon toepassen op alle middelen. Blauwe economie De blauwe economie is […]

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Stem op een Vrouw ENG

Strategic advice The communication of the various activities of Stem op een Vrouw was mixed up, which meant that the power of the campaign was snowed under. Zeppa proposed to make more distinction between the foundation, the organisation and the campaign. This made it easier to link the different initiatives together and it made the […]

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Visualisation of logistic processes Because the Covid-19 test chain was still being developed, Zeppa obtained its information from internal documents. Although the information was highly specialised, we as designers were able to extract the essence of the logistic processes from the documents and convert it into functional sketches. Designers as sparring partners  For the LCDK, […]

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Schone Kleren Campagne ENG

cover design schone kleren campagne

Fashion colors for campaign materials Helvetica has been part of CCC’s visual identity since forever, so that was something we didn’t want to change. We selected trending fashion colours to make the message of this campaign stand out. ‘Zeppa listens, thinks along, advises and arrives at a beautiful end result every time.’ Go de Roij […]

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FamilySupporters ENG

cover design familysupporters

A friendly logo The logo is supposed to make the clients feel welcomed, so we gave the y a little smile. The dot on the i is supported by the rest of the letter, in the same way the clients are supported by FamilySupporters.  Red already was a key colour for FamilySupporters and the organisation […]

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Ronduit Utrecht ENG

editorial design ronduit utrecht

A versatile logo The logo represents the versatility of the 40 apartments. The outlines of the parcel was the source of inspiration, these borders remain unchanged while the layout is altered. Red symbolizes the city of Utrecht, green represents nature, blue is the water of the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal and yellow stands for the happiness of the […]

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PalliSupport ENG

logo design pallisupport

An accessible appearance We quite literally gave PalliSupport a friendly face, providing the brand with a welcoming feel. The open circle represents the care, the half open circle symbolizes support and the straight line represents the final life stages of the patient. The palette is soft, cheerful, yet professional. “We wanted to remove any associations […]

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Women Power Fashion ENG

header design women power fashion

Campaign photography We photographed three archetypes of women for the campaign: the woman who manufactures the clothing, the woman who sells it and the woman who buys it. Then we cut up these portraits and visualized the many ways in which these women intersect with one another and the way in which they could join […]

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