GGD Nederland
Year: 2021

Merkstrategie, Visuele identiteit, Campagne strategie Communicatie ontwerp, Animatie, Webdesign

Ask all your questions on youth website

‘Wrong questions don’t exist’ was the starting point Zeppa used for the restyling of by GGD Nederland, the Dutch Municipal Health Service. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for young people to ask questions and find reliable answers about their bodies, feelings or things they would rather not talk about at home.

UX design that connects with the target group

GGD Nederland was looking for a modern, mobile-friendly website where young people can intuitively find their way around. Because many questions are already asked in Google, young people often end up directly on a subpage (landing page) of If they do not find the answer to their question right away, it is important that they do find the answer to their question as quickly and easily as possible.  

Privacy and region content offers the possibility to ask your question 100% anonymously. No cookies are deliberately placed. But because all regional GGDs offer additional content, the option to pass on your location had to exist. By always communicating very clearly about both options, there is the possibility to offer privacy and offer regional content within one website. 

Focus on the question

‘Wrong questions don’t exist’ is the motto of We decided to put this motto at the center of the design. Asking questions is super easy. Suggestions for answers are immediately provided and you can easily search further. If you want to know more, there is a possibility to chat with a professional.

Clear and personal look&feel

A bright colour palette provides distinction between the website’s eight themes. Together with the striking photography, the bright colours create a personal look&feel for the website.