Landelijk Coördinatieteam Diagnostische Keten
Year: 2020

Communication Strategy, Infographics, Illustration

Designing infographics for a logistics chain in the making

Infographics quickly explain complex processes. The LCDK asked Zeppa to visualise their complex logistic processes with a central role for the key players. The LCDK (National Coordination Team Diagnostic Chain) was established in April 2020 to enable large-scale testing on Covid-19 in the Netherlands.

Visualisation of logistic processes

Because the Covid-19 test chain was still being developed, Zeppa obtained its information from internal documents. Although the information was highly specialised, we as designers were able to extract the essence of the logistic processes from the documents and convert it into functional sketches.

Designers as sparring partners 

For the LCDK, the functional sketches were the first clear representation of their work. They proved to be immediately useful for improving the test chain. In joint brainstorming sessions, we simplified and refined the functional sketches into clear and simple blueprints.

Flexible toolkit

We developed a modular toolkit of illustrations and graphic elements to move quickly with the developments of the LCDK. With these elements, we were able to create new infographics and adapt existing infographics in a short period of time.

Warm colour palette

We chose a warm colour palette that matched the Corona toolkit developed for the national house style.

Personal illustrations

We put the professionals and their work at the centre of the illustrations. Scaling up of testing on Covid-19 took place under high pressure and expectations of these professionals were high. They had to work in a different way, the workload was massive and there was much criticism coming from society. By putting the professionals in the leading role, we gave them the appreciation they deserved.

Presentation of infographics

Zeppa also developed a presentation which explained step by step the operation of the logistics chain behind testing. This enabled the LCDK to quickly familiarise new employees and other parties involved with the complex subject matter.

Testing Department

In 2021, the LCDK continued as Testing Department and became part of the government’s corporate identity, which marked the end of our assignment. The organisation has grown and changed its composition. Our infographics and presentation are still used to introduce new employees and stakeholders to the Covid-19 test chains.