Year: from 2015 onwards

Brand strategy, Visual identity, Editorial design, Motion graphics, Web design, Signage

Solid houses, dynamic options

LINQ is a green and unique real estate developer. This trio designs extraordinarily situated homes out of durable materials. Each house is catered to the wishes of the future residents, the neighbours and the surrounding landscape. Building on a years of collaborating, Zeppa developed LINQ’s new visual identity, web design and communication design.

visie ontwerp linq

“Zeppa managed to surprise us with a brand identity that perfectly captures our vision. Distinct, colourful and powerful.”

Bob Schoeman, LINQ

An identity that goes back to basics

While designing the logo, we found inspiration in wooden building blocks, and discovered that the L, I, N and Q can all be erected from geometrical shapes. We didn’t need anything besides a square, triangle, circle and rectangle. The colour palette stems from another beacon of spatial design: Bauhaus. That explains the iconic yellow, red, blue, black and gray. The result is a modular logo that can be adjusted endlessly and altered for different layouts, without losing any of its recognisability.

“LINQ gave us so much freedom and really trust us. I think it shows in the final result.”

Inge Bekkers, project manager Zeppa

Design of project identities

LINQ frequently asks us to create specific visual identities and brochures for their housing projects. It’s our job to respond quickly to those assignments, and develop a distinct design. Zeppa is happy to join LINQ in every step of the way, no matter where their projects are situated or whom will end up living in them.