Nikkels & Linq Vastgoedontwikkeling
Year: 2022

Communicatiestrategie, Visuele identiteit, UX design, UI design, animatie

A flexible identity for sustainable housing

For the new sustainable district ‘Sluiseiland’ in Malburgen, Arnhem, Zeppa was commissioned by Linq Vastgoedontwikkeling and construction company Nikkels to develop a visual identity and website.

The movement of water as a starting point for the identity

Linq and Nikkels were looking for an identity that connects with the location. We therefore chose to use the movement of water in a lock as a starting point. From high to low and back again. This movement creates a graphic interplay of lines that allowed us to build the fully flexible identity.

Natural colors and a calm font

To strengthen the connection to the location, we chose a natural color palette with a summery feel. We kept the font calm and neutral so that it blends nicely with the graphic interplay of lines.

User-friendly website

To ensure that future buyers of the sustainable homes get a good idea of their future home, we provided an accessible website. All housing types were given their own page with floor plans for downloading. We provided a link to the real estate agent’s database, so that interested parties could directly access all official documents after buying a home.

Brochure for remembrance

LINQ Real Estate Development and family business Nikkels stand for a personal approach. Therefore, despite a clear website, they chose to design a beautiful sales brochure. Buying a new home is an abstract process. It takes quite a long time before the homes are completely finished. A brochure gives you a nice impression of your future home and living environment during this period.