Women Power Fashion ENG

header design women power fashion

Campaign photography We photographed three archetypes of women for the campaign: the woman who manufactures the clothing, the woman who sells it and the woman who buys it. Then we cut up these portraits and visualized the many ways in which these women intersect with one another and the way in which they could join […]

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Linq ENG

flag design linq

“Zeppa managed to surprise us with a brand identity that perfectly captures our vision. Distinct, colourful and powerful.” Bob Schoeman, LINQ An identity that goes back to basics While designing the logo, we found inspiration in wooden building blocks, and discovered that the L, I, N and Q can all be erected from geometrical shapes. […]

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Kiem Montessori ENG

header design KIEMM

Moving logo and expressive colour palette We decided to shorten the name of this innovative school and ended up with the more appealing Kiemm. These 5 letters then became the building blocks for the school’s logo. The two M’s are just as active and unpredictable as Kiemm’s students. We derived the colour palette from old […]

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