Amsterdam UMC
Year: From 2017 onwards

Naming, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Infographics, Animation, Motion graphics

Care to be kind

Most older patients end up with different caregivers and healthcare institutions during the final stages of their lives. PalliSupport manages these bureaucratic processes and streamlines the palliative care while diminishing the number of unnecessary admissions. No more shuttling from pillar to post, PalliSupport offers one adequate and friendly contact person. Zeppa was asked to develop a brand name, brand strategy, visual identity, animations and infographics.

An accessible appearance

We quite literally gave PalliSupport a friendly face, providing the brand with a welcoming feel. The open circle represents the care, the half open circle symbolizes support and the straight line represents the final life stages of the patient. The palette is soft, cheerful, yet professional.

“We wanted to remove any associations with hospitals, that’s why we went for this softer colour palette and accessible illustrations.”

Annelies Vlasblom, owner of Zeppa

Animation for healthcare workers

The animation explains the problem-solving power of PalliSupport. This clip shows the goals the project hopes to achieve, and makes sure that all doctors and caregivers involved in PalliSupport are on the same page and capable of informing patients and their formal carers. The friendly faces also appear here, the same goes for the pleasant colour palette and straightforward use of imagery.

“We’re very pleased with the work Zeppa delivered and we often receive compliments on the visual identity of PalliSupport. Thanks to Zeppa we now have access to a toolkit that has proven its value and makes us proud.”

Carin van Gaalen, communication consultant AMC Palliative Care