Ronduit Utrecht
Year: From 2017 onwards

Visual identity, Web design, Communication design, Editorial design, Illustration, Animation

More than just a home

Ronduit Utrecht is a durable and varied housing block, consisting out of 40 unique apartments, situated next to the embankment of the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. A contemporary and cosmopolitan design, that revolves around making connections. Connections between the residents who meet one another in the communal courtyard, connections to nature and durability and of course the connection to the city of Utrecht. LINQ asked us to design a visual identity for this real estate project.

A versatile logo

The logo represents the versatility of the 40 apartments. The outlines of the parcel was the source of inspiration, these borders remain unchanged while the layout is altered. Red symbolizes the city of Utrecht, green represents nature, blue is the water of the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal and yellow stands for the happiness of the future residents.

Loose binding shows the connection

The sales brochure for Ronduit Utrecht consists out of clearly separated sections. The connections are visible elements of the design; a reference to the connections that are at the foundation of this project. The colours found their place in the tabs.

Webdesign and illustration

Zeppa also designed the website and created the illustrations used on the floor plans. An all-encompassing design that is just as dynamic as these 40 unique apartments.

“Zeppa manages to make words redundant.”

Annemiek van Ernst, LINQ