Schone Kleren Campagne
Year: From 2015 onwards

Visual identity, Campaign identity, Communication design, Editorial design, Animation, Social media campaign, Infographics, Motion graphics

Cleaner clothes

The Clean Clothes Campaign (Schone Kleren Campagne) is a long-standing client of ours. The organisation aims to improve working conditions in the fashion industry. Their campaigns and other activities are all based on the experiences of millions of labourers. CCC doesn’t just address injustices, but also offers constructive solutions for the issues they raise. The organisation was in need of a new visual identity, and Zeppa was happy to take the job on.

Fashion colors for campaign materials

Helvetica has been part of CCC’s visual identity since forever, so that was something we didn’t want to change. We selected trending fashion colours to make the message of this campaign stand out.

‘Zeppa listens, thinks along, advises and arrives at a beautiful end result every time.’

Go de Roij van Zuijdewijn, Communication & Spokesperson Clean Clothes Campaign

The power of facts and figures

This campaign relies on the power of the facts. It’s all about typography; we decided to leave the sympathy-inducing photos of labourers behind. The shocking numbers tell the story, so we chose to show communicate those as clearly as possible.

Package of campaign materials

Zeppa developed a wide array of visual material for the Clean Clothes Campaign, like the kit that stimulates people to swap clothes with their friends instead of throwing them out. The kit provides people with everything they need to host the perfect clothing swap party.


The following images were designed for Undressed-Dressed, a research into the labour conditions in 10 Indian garment factories. Our info graphics tell the story.