Zeppa is as it designs. Clear and outspoken. We love to be involved, are hands-on and develop work that makes sense.


Our process is clear. From a thorough analysis, we develop a clear strategy, which we translate into a visual concept. The elaborated result is bold and colourful.

1. Analysis

Before we start, we dive deep into the material. For what purpose are we going to work for you? Who are we going to design for? And what kind of products are we going to make for you? We sort things out carefully. That way we save time in later phases. And we only move on when all your wishes have been met.

2. Strategy

We understand why. Now it is time for how. To arrive at a distinct design, we must first develop a clear strategy. Because whatever we are going to create for you - a brand identity, website or infographic - we will show you in advance how we are going to get there.

3. Visual concept

From the strategy agreed together, we can develop a visual concept. The visual concept consists of building blocks. These are such things as fonts, shapes and colours. All these building blocks together form the visual language with which we will later work in the implementation phase.

4. Implementation

Strategy and visual concept come together in this phase. Concepts gain colour and come to life. Is the visual language doing its job? Are we all satisfied? We adjust where necessary.

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