We are ZEPPA, the design studio for optimistic organisations. We believe the world can be more beautiful and fair.

For more than 15 years, we have been designing outspoken work for progressive partners. Will we do the same for you?

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Zeppa has broad expertise. We often start with branding and expand from there to digital and print. But things can always be different. We are multidisciplinary and move with the needs of your project. These are the services we can help you with:

1. Branding

Strategy, Visual identity, Logo, Brand identity, Campaign, Restyle, Art direction

2. Digital

Digital strategy, Web design, UX Design, UI Design, Web development, Campaigns, Animation, Social media, Copywriting, Motion graphics, Data Visualisation

3. Print

Posters, Books, Brochures, Magazines, Annual reports, Campaign materials, Packaging, Art direction, Illustration, Infographics, Lettering

4. Spatial design

Exhibition design, Signage, Lettering


Small is beautiful. That’s why Zeppa works from a core team, surrounded by like-minded partners, freelancers and interns. We like to keep the lines of communication short. This allows us to remain flexible and expand only when necessary.
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Zeppa designs for a better world. That's why values are an integral part of our practice. Are you curious to know what that means?
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Zeppa designs for the following partners:

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