An exhibition about the true makers of fashion

‘Handmade, the true makers of fashion’ is a travelling exhibition aimed at young people, which Zeppa developed for Schone Kleren Campagne (SKC). Through this exhibition the organisation wants to build a bridge between Dutch youth and the young makers who put their clothes together.

Services: Strategy, Concept editing, Project management, Art direction, Graphic design, Infographics, Social media
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At the start of the project, SKC invited master students of the Artez Fashion Design school in Arnhem to come up with a concept. Zeppa was asked to transform the concept into a travelling exhibition.

Zeppa adapted the concept and added videos of young workers from the production countries. 7 makers from Bangladesh and Indonesia tell about their lives in- and outside the factory. These stories form the thread running through the exhibition, touching several topics.

In addition, there are 5 interactive installations in which you can learn more about the power of the garment industry. An interactive world map explains the power of the garment industry. In the Fold-a-T-shirt-challenge you can try to fold as many T-shirts as a maker in the factory. And in an interactive floor quiz you learn what a union is and how they can help you. As a resting element, there is an embroidery table at which you can share experiences and discuss the gender gap.

At the end of the exhibition, you are asked to sign a petition calling for a living wage. You will also find tips about what you can do to contribute to a fairer garment industry.

The exhibition was on show at MBO College Flevoland in Lelystad, De Oosterkerk in Amsterdam and in a store on the Spui in The Hague.

I liked that it wasn’t sugarcoated. And it was nice to see that students who are not really interested were still confronted this way.

- Marjolein Sijtsma, Social Care student at ROC Flevoland in Lelystad

Our exhibition Handmade is not only stunning to see, it also conveys a lot of information about the makers of our clothes in a truly interactive way. Although in some ways it is a heavy theme, Zeppa helped us shape it in a clear way. We are incredibly pleased with the beautiful result!

- Carson Wind, Communications & Campaign Coordinator SKC


Schone Kleren Campagne (SKC)

Services Strategy, Concept editing, Project management, Art direction, Graphic design, Infographics, Social media

Exhibition design

La Bolleur


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Embroidery concept

De Feministische Handwerkpartij


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