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Client: GGD NederlandYear: 2021

Online strategy, UX design, UI design, Visual identity, animation

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A flexible identity for sustainable housing

Client: Link Vastgoedontwikkeling & NikkelsYear: 2022

Communicatiestrategie, Visuele identiteit, UX design, UI design, animatie

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The longread as a full-fledged replacement of a magazine

Client: Comensha & VNYear: 2020

Online strategy, Visual identity, UX/UI design, Social media campaign, (Info)graphics

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A campaign for the House of Representatives that is 50% female

Client: Stem op een Vrouw (Vote for a Woman)Year: 2021

Campaign strategy, Visual identity, Web design, Social media campaign, Infographics

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Designing infographics for a logistics chain in the making

Client: National Coordination Team Diagnostic ChainYear: 2020

Communication strategy, Infographics, Illustration, Process visualisation, Presentation

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Reuse as an integral part of a circular design strategy

Client: SuperuseYear: 2020

Brand strategy, Visual identity, Communication design, Animation, Web design, circular and sustainable design, architectural firm, templates

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Trial and error

Client: Kiem MontessoriYear: from 2017 onwards

Naming, Branding, Visual identity, Editorial design, Motion graphics, Web design, Signage

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Solid houses, dynamic options

Client: LINQYear: from 2015 onwards

Branding, Visual identity, Editorial design, Motion graphics, Web design, Signage

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Clothes make the woman

Client: Schone Kleren Campagne, Mama CashYear: from 2015 onwards

Campaign identity, Communication design, Web design, Animation, Spacial design, Social media campaign

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Care to be kind

Client: PalliSupportYear: from 2017 onwards

Naming, Brand strategy, Visual identity, Infographics, Animation, Motion graphics

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More than just a home

Client: Ronduit UtrechtYear: from 2017 onwards

Visual identity, Web design, Communication design, Editorial design, Illustration, Animation

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Care for your life

Client: FamilySupportersYear: from 2018 onwards

Brand strategy, Visual identity, Communication design, Infographics, Signage, Motion graphics

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